Dermaklair is a natural based skincare products that highlight to improve skin condition for both women and men which experiencing various of skin problem such as break outs, scars, pigmentation, aging, uneven skin tone and more.

Skin condition affects us in many different ways, and influences our behaviour in various aspects of everyday life as it determine how we perform in important situations, and affect how we perceive ourselves. Through a good and healthy skin, anyone can achieve skin confidence.


“Dermaklair understands this and provides gentle yet effective skin care for healthy, clear skin that gives users skin confidence”

Our mission is to create a lifestyle skincare brand that provides nurtures and effective to your skin with the love and affection it deserves. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to care for our customer skin. Dermaklair products are free from paraben or any dangerous chemicals. We believe that natural skincare should have a real meaning beyond the marketing terms.

We have chemists of our R&D team to ensure we are following the manufacturing standards. They are constantly improving natural formulations for the best input possible into our products and skincare applications. We aim to offer the most beneficial solutions that fit all of our customer needs.

Since 2016, Dermaklair has been used at OUR beauty spa in MALAYSIA. We have use Dermaklair product at more than 28 outlet.